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The SkinnyMe hCG diet protocol is a medical weight loss program.
IT IS NOT THE SAME as over-the-counter drug store supplements.

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*Results may vary

hCG Diet


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Our program is about more than losing weight.

The Man Plan


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Men can lose 30-50 pounds in 42 days!

Lipo-B Injections


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A great way to receive energy and a fat booster in one.

Appetite Suppression

Healthier You

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Prescription appetite suppressants will help you feel full while reducing your calorie intake.

Vitamin B Injections


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B12 provides energy, enhanced sleep, physical stamina, and aides in weight management.


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Richard Boulware, PA-C


American Board of Internal Medicine
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*Results may vary


The Man plan with hCG got me feeling good again!

I have lost 50 lbs. with the Skinny Me hCG program! I used the nasal spray for 42 days and followed the 500 calorie diet with no hunger. I’m so good looking I can’t stand it! My wife is going crazy over me! Thank you Skinny Me for helping me not just look better but FEEL better!*

– Ken W


*Results may vary

My blood sugar went from 113 to 95!

I looked into the hCG eating plan and then called “Skinny Me!”  I met with my weight coach Janine.  Everything was explained to me.  I have lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks.  My blood sugar went from 113 to 95! My blood pressure went from 98 to 85! I feel unbelievable and have twice as much energy!*

– Joy Z.


*Results may vary

SkinnyMe is AWESOME!

I have lost 40 lbs. and feel like a new person. Everyone at SkinnyMe is AWESOME! It’s so easy to do and you will be so happy with the crazy wonderful staff. I love them all. I would recommend this program to anyone.*

– Vicki


*Results may vary

My life has changed alot in 41 days.

I look like myself again and feel great. So many aches and pains have gone, just with the 22.61 pounds and 22.75 inches down. I have lots of energy for my grandbabies. I am so excited and have never done anything that was this easy. The staff and Skinny Me are amazing.*

– Janice B.


*Results may vary