Dr Anita

Dr. Anita Dormer, “Dr. Anita”, originally from North Carolina, divides her time between her medical spa, Park Avenue Medical Aesthetics, with locations in New York City and Southampton, Dr. Anita Skincare headquarters outside of Nashville, and Skinny Me in South Carolina.

The first decade of Dr. Anita’s career was spent as a Critical Care and Pulmonary specialist. It was while working with burn victims in the ICU that Dr. Anita became interested in the complexities of the skin. As a doctor always looking for the most effective treatments, Dr. Anita spent her free time studying the skin’s unique healing process and taking medical courses in dermatopathology. She experimented with compounds to promote collagen production and to enhance skin healing. It was this passion that led her toward cosmetic medicine and ultimately to develop her own skincare line, Dr. Anita Skincare.

In 2000, Dr. Anita embarked on a vision, one that merged her medical background, innate artistic ability, and her southern hospitality – she opened Dormer Medical Spa, the first medical spa in New York City. Dr. Anita’s unyielding belief in patient education and evidence-based cosmetic treatments are the foundation of her medical practices. At Park Avenue Medical Aesthetics, she specializes in controlled collagen stimulation through the use of retinoids, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and micro-injury.  Dr. Anita’s unique approach using the divine ratio mathematical proportion for face and body and enhancing each person’s signature beauty feature, keeps her patients across the world looking their most beautiful.

Dr. Anita is known for her solution-based approach to beauty and medicine. Each day, Dr. Anita dedicates herself to safely and effectively helping her patients achieve their best selves. This includes medical weight loss and wellness lifestyle treatment.  Dr. Anita has joined Skinny Me because the program gives patients the opportunity to achieve the body they have always wanted, or to get back to the body they once had. Of course, coming back down south, Cracker Barrel restaurants with country ham, and people say “Hey” when they see you are added bonuses.

After hours you can find Dr. Anita tinkering with new compounds for her skincare line or with her head buried in a book of literature. But, if it is Tuesday night and she is in Manhattan, she will be in some twisting position at Polia’s yoga class.

  • Internal Medicine residency and fellowships in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Tennessee.
  • Previous teaching positions include Associate-Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the State University of New York.
  • Served as Chairman of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Department at the New York Harbor VA system in Brooklyn, New York.