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Whether you struggled with life's hangups or challenges, it is your life and you are the only one that can take control of it. With our supportive SkinnyMe team, we are confident that we can help you achieve your personal wellness goals to reveal that SkinnyMe in you.

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Taking time to focus on what fulfills you and brings you contentment is necessary in your weight loss journey to living a life of wellness.  When your heart is content, everything else follows. Surrounding yourself with positivity and encouraging loved ones, enhances your efforts to reaching that SkinnyMe in you.

Living a healthier you takes time and support from others that care about your well-being. There is no greater feeling than feeling empowered by the SkinnyMe community that has gone through the same struggles you are facing with weight loss plan challenges.   

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Sometimes life's milestones can be great, like a new baby, but they may leave behind some unwanted pounds and hormonal changes that occur naturally as we age, thus cause section weight gains. SkinnyMe has some medical diets that not only help you get rid of that extra weight and achieve your goals but help you balance the unbalanced areas of your body.


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At SkinnyMe we teach you how to cook healthy meals and learn to take care of yourself.



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At SkinnyMe, we make sure to not only pamper you with the latest in spa technologies that enhance your skin tones, beautify your appearance, and bring tranquility to your soul, but make sure you obtain the best version of yourself.

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Meet Nancy.

Nancy is a Registered Nurse and the founder of Skinny Me.  She started her weight loss adventure over 11 years ago and after losing 30lbs, has successfully kept the weight off.

Nancy is enthusiastic about teaching others the benefits of hCG and a healthier way of eating.

Everyone that works with Nancy has experienced success with the hCG weight loss program and all are walking testimonials.

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