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It's common to think, "Is hCG safe?" or "Is it healthy to consume only 500-600 calories a day?", well we have the answer for you!

hCG Countdown Program

Lose fat for good! Our hCG Countdown program is the most effective way to lose fat from your tummy, love handles, hips, bum, arms, back, and neck.  Reset your metabolism, drop inches all over your body, and get back your energy!


  • Suppress appetite naturally with hCG

  • Reset & reboot metabolism naturally

  • Converts fat into nutrients without loss of muscle

  • Safe & effective with amazing weight loss results

  • Unlock stubborn fat in tummy, hips, bum, back, arms

  • Pharmaceutical grade hCG prescribed by our Physician


Weight loss expectation 5 - 7 pounds per week 

What's Included in Your Program:

  • Complimentary Consultation

  • Physician Wellness Exam

  • Individualized Meal Plans

  • BMI & Body Composition Assessment

  • ​Weekly Weigh-ins

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Support & Accountability

  • Supplies

  • Weight Loss Guarantee

hCG Diet

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  • Life-Coaching, Counseling, and Personal Training available with our in-house Professional

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SkinnyMe also offers our customers guidance and advice on other weight loss plans and ways to better combat your challenges with weight loss.

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