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Weight Loss


Our SkinnyMe weight loss services in action!

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SkinnyMe also offers our customers guidance and advice on other weight loss plans and ways to better combat your challenges with weight loss.

What works for our patients?

 Metabolic Plan

The Metabolic Diet Plan is a healthy choice program for those who need a wider variety of food choices within their weight loss plan. It is a very popular program for people who travel and/ or have a fast pace lifestyle. It gives you the freedom to choose healthy fats along with lean proteins and vegetables.  

 Lipo-B Injections

LIPO-B injections as part of a nutrition-oriented weight management plan that increases your  metabolism. Lipotronic nutrients are compounds that help catalyze the breakdown of fat during metabolism. They help promote the flow of fat & bile to and from the liver. We recommend weekly Lipotropic injections to help you lose weight. In most cases, after just 4 weeks of injections, you will look and feel healthier.

 Healthier You Plan

The Healthier You program allows the freedom of losing weight at your own rate. Slow and Steady wins the race! or Ramp It Up! Typical weight loss can be between *10-15 lbs/month, or you can hit it hard and ramp it up to 15-20 lbs/month.

 hCG Diet Program

Lose fat for good! Our hCG Countdown program is the most effective way to lose fat from your tummy, love-handles, hips, bum, arms, back, and neck.  Reset your metabolism, drop inches all over your body, and get back your energy! ​

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