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Is Hcg safe? Is it healthy to consume only 500 calories a day?

This protocol has been around for almost 70 years. Hcg is a natural hormone in a pregnant woman’s body of about 200 thousand units daily. It provides hormonal development of the growing fetus and ensures adequate nutrition to the fetus if the mother is nutritionally deprived or just nauseated. Have you ever heard the old saying “baby is going to get what it needs from the momma?” that is exactly what this hormone does. Because of the decreased fat intake while on HCG it will trigger your body to flood its own reserve fat for the “the baby” which obviously you don’t have.


While on hormonal therapy it does not cause nausea, lactation, or any symptoms associated with pregnancy. Just imagine have 10 children – this hormone will be in a woman’s body for her entire adult life. So, is it safe? Absolutely.


Oftentimes people and practitioners do not understand the physiology behind Dr. Simeon's protocol.  It is hard to grasp the realization that a person can eat only 500 calories on hCG and not be hungry. Consuming 1000 calories or less on a calorie-based diet will cause the hypothalamus to go into a “starvation mode” and slow down the expenditure of energy, thus no weight loss.  Unfortunately, many medical providers are not current on hCG research and may misguide or discourage you to be on such a low-calorie diet, which is reasonable but unsubstantiated.  It is Skinny Me’s goal to educate medical providers on the vast benefits of the utilization of this hard-working and potentially lifesaving hormone.

Does hCG work for men?

Of course! hCG works by influencing the way the hypothalamus tells the body to regulate its metabolism, hunger level, and set body weight. Men and women both have a hypothalamus gland, so it works for everyone! Please see our Man Plan for more info!  It especially helps men due to the location of the “bad” fat stored abdominal area which is linked to major disease processes.


Can Appetite suppressants be taken with HCG?

Yes! We offer phentermine, phendimetrazine, and topiramate for your hunger needs. We know that every patient is different and we offer a personalized plan to suit each and everyone’s own goal on their weight loss journey.


What forms of hCG are available?

We offer hCG in the form of a sublingual tablet and injectable liquid. Tablets are taken by placing one tablet under the tongue once a day.  They taste like mint and dissolve within about two minutes.  Kept at room temperature, but will melt in a hot car.

The injectable hormone is by self-administration with a syringe once a day.  The syringes are the same size that is used for allergy or diabetic injections and are typically not painful.  The practitioner will teach you to inject technique and we will provide you with syringes and alcohol wipes at the clinic.  This formula must be refrigerated.

Why do I need to take hCG every day?

It takes hCG 48 hours to reach therapeutic levels in your system.  hCG should be administered around the same time of day every day to maintain therapeutic levels.  Once every 24 hours for injections or one tablet once a day for the sublingual form.  This concept is similar to when a doctor prescribes an antibiotic.  It is prescribed to take it at the same time and every day for it to be effective. For Maximum weight loss daily, hCG is recommended.


Will I be hungry while I'm on the program?

hCG reaches its therapeutic levels in the bloodstream within 48 hours. Leptin levels (natural appetite suppressant) may “kick in” or reach an optimum level within days 3-7.  Everybody’s metabolism is different.  Once hCG is at an optimal level, you should feel the sensation of fullness due to the hormone Leptin.  High levels of flooded fat equal high levels of leptin. Leptin acts on receptors in the hypothalamus, where it inhibits appetite.  It counteracts the effects of neuropeptide Y, which is a potent feeding stimulant secreted by cells in the gut and the hypothalamus.  Your certified nutritional will go over any potential hunger issues during your consultation.  It is very important to keep a food journal and follow all set guidelines taught with this protocol or hunger may exist.  It is so amazing to have the sensation of fullness while on the program.  


What is the difference between hCG drops versus injections & tablets?
hCG is a pure, live hormone that arrives in a concentrated powder form and is reconstituted into a formula by a compounding pharmacy.  Genuine hCG can only be prescribed by a licensed medical professional.  On the other hand, pseudo-hCG drops are available everywhere to anyone because they are not prescribed medications.  As of December 2013, the FDA has banned this form of pseudo-dosing and false consumer advertisement.  


I have done an hCG program before, how is the SkinnyMe program different?

Because We Do It Right!

SkinnyMe has been open for 11 years and has helped thousands of patients lose weight the right way.  Our team of Practitioners are all trained in the latest hCG research.  We are hCG experts.  The entire staff here at Skinny Me has all experienced weight loss challenges ourselves.  We all have our own success stories to share with our patients.  We support, hug, cheer, and congratulate everyone’s own success story.  We can’t help but develop a personal relationship with all who walk through our door.  After all, the team at SkinnyMe can empathize with the frustrations we feel of previous failed weight loss attempts.  The atmosphere is contagious.  We find our new patients become motivated by established patients while sitting in the waiting room! They all are so eager to brag about their journey at SkinnyMe!

Besides our charming personalities and positive environment, we pride ourselves on teaching the correct method of dosing and injection techniques needed for your success. For the body to properly absorb hCG, it should be injected intramuscularly (in the upper arm muscle or in the lateral thigh muscle) where it can freely enter the bloodstream.

What else do I need to purchase other than the food I eat?

You will need:

  • A journal to record your daily weight, food intake, fluid intake, and calories.

  • A digital weight scale.  You will be weighing yourself every morning after emptying your bladder and without clothing.  It is important that you have a digital scale because you will see your weight decrease by ounces if not pounds every day!

  • A food scale.  Any basic food scale will work as long as it measures ounces/grams. Weighing your meats and proteins accurately will help ensure your weight loss success.

  • Multivitamins, a calcium supplement, and a potassium supplement. We have pharmaceutical-grade vitamins for purchase.  They are isotonic, so they get absorbed in the proper location in the gut.  It comes in a powder form which you will mix with tap water.

  • Oil-free body lotion/sunscreen, such as Johnson & Johnson Brand Baby Lotion (pink bottle), Aveeno, Eucerin, Neutrogena is allowed on large areas of your body.  It does not contain oils that can absorb into your skin. Remember: your skin is the largest organ of your body and can absorb oil from lotions.  Oil is a fat that can inhibit the effectiveness of hCG.  

  • All your medications can be purchased right at our office.

Why do I have to take supplemental vitamins?

While you're on a low-calorie or restricted diet of any kind it is always wise to maintain healthy nutritional levels. While on the hCG program, it is essential to take a multivitamin supplement for daily nutritional balance.  A daily calcium supplement with a minimum of 600 mg x2 is required because the hCG weight loss program has limitations on milk/dairy products.  300 mg x3 doses of potassium per day will prevent leg cramps, muscle spasms, and restless legs.  Potassium is a water-soluble supplement as well as an electrolyte that is eliminated from your body every time you urinate.  The hCG protocol requires that you drink up to a gallon of fluids per day.  


Therefore, it is extremely important to take 99 mg of potassium three times per day to maintain proper levels.  If the body is not adapted to high volumes of water intake you can deplete valuable and necessary electrolytes.  Fluctuations can be dangerous. This will all be explained in the consultation.

Can I exercise while taking hCG?
While following the hCG protocol, it is vital to consume 500 calories per day for brain and body function. Cardiovascular exercise will slow down weight loss and is discouraged.  Any type of exercise that raises your heart rate above 120 beats per minute will burn too many calories, throwing the brain into “starvation” mode and stopping the flood of fat!  


However, it is recommended that hCG patients do engage in low-intensity forms of exercise such as daily walks, yoga, core strengthening, swimming, Pilates, and weight training.

However, professional athletes, marathon runners, etc. have done the SkinnyMe protocol successfully, but require a customized weight loss program while in training.

What happens if I do not consume 500 calories per day?
Believe it or not, hCG is such an effective appetite suppressant that many patients have trouble consuming even 500 calories in a day.  The 500 calories are required for brain and body function while on the hCG protocol.  If less than 500 calories are consumed per day the endocrine system (the hypothalamus and pituitary glands) puts the body into “starvation” mode which literally stalls weight loss.


How long is the SkinnyMe program?

We offer a 30-day and a 42-day program of weight loss followed by three-week mandatory maintenance (resetting of the hypothalamus gland). We offer a fast-track program as well as other holidays/vacation plans to accommodate your needs.


We are so proud of our patient’s success stories.  As a thank you, we now offer a referral program.  Your weight loss is a personal journey you should be proud of!  Friends and family members may want to experience that same contagious joy you felt that first week on the scale and thereafter.  


That’s why we are so successful, it’s because of you!


Thank You!

hCG Diet FAQ's

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